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Artists are emerging as authors and entrepreneurs in a variety of new markets and media. Methods such as print-on-demand book, the wave of self-publication, prototyping, high-end output devices and laser-cutters intersect with new creative directions. Bodyware imagery, instructional and socially inspired projects, web-based critique, archives, games, animation, and literary works are a few of the directions being taken to create content and express ideas.



Wednesday, September 9


Assessment sheets were filled out and used to make formal project proposals. The proposals were turned in this week, after which we took a field trip to Squidfire to talk with entrepreneurs Kevin Sherry and Jean-Baptiste Regnard, co-owners of the firm. After an informal interview and demo, each student was allowed to pull a one color screen onto an article of clothing they brought, learning how much labor goes into making fine handscreened shirts. Thanks Kevin and Jean for hosting us in their Union Street facility!

Lunch break at Dizzy Izzy's was loads of fun as we filled the entire 2nd floor.

On returning to MICA, we watched Mark Murphy's dvd Scribble:08, a set of interviews with California illustrators who are breaking ground in new lines of expression and new places they see their work appearing. It features Joe Sorren, Martha Rich, Jeff Soto, Camille Rose Gracia, The Broken Wrist Project, Tim Biskup and the Clayton Brothers

HOMEWORK: Bring in an image related to your project [B&W, 4x5 max]. It can be a preliminary image of something pretty well worked out. Keep working on your project. And research on of the following entrepreneurs/collectives, then write a 2 page analysis concerning one of more of them. You can cover one or use several to make a comparison paper. Please use the following links as a starting point for your research:

Mitch Nash  Jessie Hartland  Mike Mills

Little Paper Planes  Berkley Illustration  1973

Paul Budnitz / KidRobot  INK Illustration  Tara McPherson

SPECIAL NOTE: Check out the BRANDS chapter on pg 50 in Lupton's Design It Yourself for tips on how to be thinking about your project identity. 

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