The Lab Philosophy

Artists are emerging as authors and entrepreneurs in a variety of new markets and media. Methods such as print-on-demand book, the wave of self-publication, prototyping, high-end output devices and laser-cutters intersect with new creative directions. Bodyware imagery, instructional and socially inspired projects, web-based critique, archives, games, animation, and literary works are a few of the directions being taken to create content and express ideas.



Wednesday, September 29

WEEK 6 - Fall 2010

Presentation : Jaime Zollars

We started the day with a short video Mika wanted to show, then I showed The Handy Book of Artistic Printing, a Collection of Letterpress examples with Specimens of Type, Ornament, Corner FIlls, Borders Twisters, Wrinkles, and other Freaks of Fancy by Douglas Clouse and Angela Voulangas before doing a quick critique of everyone's project. Generally all in good shape, some behind.

Our guest today was Jaime Zollars who talked to the class about online marketing, DIY festivals/events, resources for making prints, shirts and card and much, much more. Jaime brought in a collection of shirts, wrapping paper, cards, and prints. She shared her enormous wealth of information and offered to answer more questions if you contact her. Her hand-outs will be posted here within the next week. To read more about Jaime, go to this interview in Communication Arts.

Please make sure you get on schedule! Midterm is in 2 weeks! Only 10 wks til ArtMarket!

REMEMBER to register for ArtMarket on Oct1

HOMEWORK : Bring in 8.5x11" paper for the letterpress demo in WEEK 7. Arrive in class to have attendance taken at 9am with Kyle Van Horn, who will be doing the letterpress demo with you in the Printmaking Dept. Try colored and white paper and different paper weights.

Keep working on your project!! 

WEEK 8 is Midterm Crits. Come to class with ALL you prep work, comps, samples, storyboards, prototypes, etc. Organize them well and be ready for an individual review. 

Tuesday, September 21

WEEK 5 - Fall 2010

Workshop & Presentation : Gocco & Strathmore Paper Co
We started the day by exposing Gocco screens, building chipboard frames [see last weeks pix], then printing. Students were asked to consider the branding, identity and packaging of their project. The demo was also to expose them to alternative methods of reproduction. Anyone interested in doing additional Gocco printing can get supplies from Welsh Products, Inc. Box 6120 - 1316 Oak Circle, Arnold, CA 95223, 209.795.3285 or email at info[at]welshproducts[dot]com. Their website is

Here are some examples of their Gocco prints:

At 11am, Anna Fox Ryan from Strathmore Paper Co gave a presentation on paper history and papermaking. Students demoed with the paper samples. Lots of giveaways!


[1] Using your Gocco art or a refinement of the idea, create a digital file no larger than 2.5"x3.5" saved as a PDF or Illustrator file. We will use this for a letterpress demo in 2 weeks. Line art images are the best. Make sure all line art is 100% black. Send file to ws[at]whitneysherman[dot]com by this Friday Sept 24th.

[2] Research our next week guest, Jaime Zollars, to prepare for her visit.

[3] Bring in your work to date with changes based on the afternoon critique.

[4] As always, bring in your project journal.




Monday, September 20

WEEK 4 - Fall 2010

Workshop : Gocco
The analysis of the selected entrepreneur was turned in. I asked everyone to lay their preliminary image ideas out for student and  faculty feedback. Everyone had to describe their project succinctly [and were reminded this practice will help everyone craft their verbal presentation as time goes on].

Feedback was really great from everyone, lots of perceptive suggestions and thoughtful criticism. 

I talked about Gocco [the Japanese craft print system verging on distinction] and how I adapt the printing aspect of it to get better results. Here are samples of Gocco printing on several blank journals and a onesy.

This is the B&W drawing I started with. Per instructions, it needs to be done with a carbon based ink or a toner based copy [which has adequate carbon in it]. Note the detail in linework and compare it to the samples. Fine line doesn't render well [tends to fill in] but the result on the samples is nonetheless pleasing. Smooth surfaces give the best detail, printing on knits will show the texture of the cloth. Consider this when creating your drawing.

This is a screenprint frame made of chipboard and tape. This one is set up for printing on a small Muji blank journal [see the middle journal in the sample pic above]. I've removed the acetate cover normally on the screen and have taped the screen in a position that situates the image where I want it on the journal cover. I will use a piece of chip board cut to the width of the screen. Ink is put on the top of the screen and each print is pulled until the coverage is good. 

Students were asked to bring in surfaces to print on including paper and fabric.

NOTE: The ink dries fast so you have to work fast to keep the image clean. Have a clean space nearby to place your multiples. Working with a partner can speed up the process. Standard Gocco inks can be blended to make new colors. Mix enough for your project and save it in a small Tupperware-type container.


1] Bring in a Black and White LINE ART PRINT-OUT ON A 4x5” SHEET OF PAPER of an image that relates to your 
project [think logo, promo image, tag or label]. This can be sketchy but well thought out. 

2] Bring in paper, other flat surfaces, cloth/clothing] to print on for GOCCO demo. 

3] Bring $7.50 to cover costs of the Gocco screen and bulbs. Inks will be provided. 

Week 2 - Fall 2010

Field Trip : More Collective / Stem Graphics Printshop
The guys at Stem Graphics, Mike and Drew, took a huge chunk of their morning to show us around their screen printing facility, talk about starting their business, answering questions about creative partnerships and pulling the graphic on our shirts for our Lab shirts for ArtMarket in December [thinking ahead].

Amazingly, the color chosen for the run went well with the random shirts brought. Only one shirt was exactly the same color needing a color adjustment. Alyssa Nassner, who took The Lab last year, joined us. She is getting ready for Crafty Bastards in DC next month where she will be selling her screen printed pillows.

We all worked up an appetite and went out for a slice or two after the presentation.

HOMEWORK : Bring in a B&W line art print-out on a 4x5" sheet of paper. Use an image related to your project [something that could serve as a branding image or tag graphic]. It may be sketchy, but should be well thought out. Bring in paper or other surfaces to print on for your Gocco print. Bring $7.50 to cover costs of Screen and Bulbs.
Alyssa and Drew watch students pull

Mike talks shop