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Artists are emerging as authors and entrepreneurs in a variety of new markets and media. Methods such as print-on-demand book, the wave of self-publication, prototyping, high-end output devices and laser-cutters intersect with new creative directions. Bodyware imagery, instructional and socially inspired projects, web-based critique, archives, games, animation, and literary works are a few of the directions being taken to create content and express ideas.



Tuesday, October 26

WEEK 7 - Fall 2010

Workshop : Letterpress

This class was held in the MICA Printmaking Dept, with a demonstration on Letterpress by Kyle Van Horn. Students were asked weeks earlier to take a sketch or finished piece of art from their Lab sketchbooks and devise/design artwork for a 2.5x3.5 card. They could imagine this as a business card, a tag or label for their final project. The art was sent out for negatives, and polymer plates were made by Kyle with assistance from Ida Liffner [an exchange student in the class]. Ida wanted to learn more about making polymer plates and volunteered her time. Here are the pdf's of their cards:


[all artwork shown here is © 2010 by each student]

Students were also asked to bring in various sheets of paper to print on. If you have an interest in letterpress, there are a number of great people who are working in Baltimore in this illustration-friendly medium:
Kat Feuerstein's Gilah Press + Design
Mary Mashburn's Typecast Press
Val Lucas' Bowerbox Press

Letterpress is one of my favorite printmaking mediums. My new business card is letterpress, 2 sides, done at Gilah, printed by Whitney Cecil:


I was in Toronto at the Grad Fair Day talking about my new MFA in Illustration Practice, a program that grew out of this class The Lab, and sorry to miss this demo. Pictures will be added as soon as I receive them!

HOMEWORK: Prepare for Mid-term crits by organizing your work and bringing in all of your process work, sketchbook and prototypes. Read Project Assessment document and use to write your Creative Brief. 

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