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Artists are emerging as authors and entrepreneurs in a variety of new markets and media. Methods such as print-on-demand book, the wave of self-publication, prototyping, high-end output devices and laser-cutters intersect with new creative directions. Bodyware imagery, instructional and socially inspired projects, web-based critique, archives, games, animation, and literary works are a few of the directions being taken to create content and express ideas.



Tuesday, December 8

Christina Kaputsos : Tigers, Gnomes, Little Flyers

Happy Tiger Plush: These cuddly cats are just waiting for a new home. $15.00 each

Lucky Pocket Gnomes: These little guys will bring you luck where ever you go! $6.00 each

Little Flyers: Pull the tab and watch them fly. $8.00 each

Found only at Art Market or Email Order! You can order yours at

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